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User Comments

ShowerShapes® partitions are the best I’ve ever seen and I’ve been in this business since 1968. They have the best design, are durable and have a great finish on both sides. They’re wonderful.

-James Wheeler, Engineering & Operations Manager
Duke University Medical Center Emergency Room, North Carolina

It’s Corian®! Nothing is ever going to go wrong with our privacy partitions and countertops. They’re excellent! Almost indestructible. Very clean. We’ve had them for two years.

-Carlos Deleon, Design & Construction Mgr.
Arby’s Restaurants, Florida

ShowerShapes® Privacy Partitions Systems and Self-Draining Countertops are strong, durable, easy to maintain and clean looking.

-Thomas Oswald, Project Manager
Love Field, Dallas, Texas

They’re great! Beautiful! We’re very pleased. No rust! ••• That’s what we think of ShowerShapes® Privacy Partitions

-Sue Mattern, Aquatic Director
YWCA, Lafayette, Indiana

ShowerShapes® Privacy Partitions and Self-Draining Countertops are awesome! They’re extremely good looking, easy to keep clean and our guests always comment on the beauty of our restrooms.

-Mike Vasquez, Facility & Exhibits Manager
Southern California Gas Company
Downey, California

The partitions are fantastic! They’re working very well. We’re very pleased.

-Brad Arnold, Vice President-Operations
Food Service Supply, North Carolina

ShowerShapes® Privacy Partition Systems incorporate up-to-date designs, quality and durability with elegance.. Theres no graffiti problems. The cost is justified because of the long life cycle of the product.

-David Glass, Facilities Manager
Lockheed, Fort Worth, Texas

Corian® shower partitions, floors, walls, counters and bowls are”handsome, attractive and durable. They look very good. I was also impressed with their timely delivery and installation.

-Mike Warden, Project Manager
Purdue University, Indiana

ShowerShapes® Privacy Partitions are the only ones that met an durability requirements of the school’s principal … graffiti, magic marker stains, cigarette burns and scratches are easily removed. We also liked the system’s steel reinforcing.

-Tom Kuehling, Architect
Wischmeyer Architects
McCluer North High School
St Louis, Missouri

As a manager of a facility that greets 200,000 guests a year, there’s no better choice than ShowerShapes® Corian® Privacy Partitions. They look and hold up better than anything on the market. You’d be well-advised to choose Corian®.

-Ken Wesler, Executive Director Grand Opera House
Wilmington, Delaware

ShowerShapes® Privacy Partitions, Shower Floors and Walls are very nice. They are functional and no problem. We especially like the warranty.

-Todd Derderian, Maintenance Supervisor
Assumption College, Massachusetts

We’ve used Corian® countertops for many years and are pleased with them. That’s why we chose the ShowerShapes® Privacy Partitions. They’re great! Attractive… And, they hold up very well. Everyone loves ’em. We’re really pleased.

Ken Amsler, Architect
Maritz Motivational Corporate Headquarters
St. Louis, Missouri

The performance of the partitions is great. We’ve had no problems.

-John Schenk
Joseph White Office Building
St. Louis, Missouri

“They’re great! The partitions are holding up very well.”

– Tyler Stephen, Floor Supervisor
VA Hospital
Los Angeles, California

Commercial Specialists & Fabricators

“The ShowerShapes® products are like a faucet you can’t turn off! The reasons why they sell? They offer the most overall value. Their long life cycle makes them more economical in the long run. Colleges and universities love ’em because of their clean design, the technology engineered into them, easy maintenance and durability. They hold up to all abuse better than anything on the market.”

-Carolyn Jungels, BMS
Indianapolis, Indiana

“The ShowerShapes® Privacy Partition Systems are easy to install. The thorough training offered by the company is excellent. We even found ways to speed up these installations.” 

-Jerry Buck, Empire Fabrication

“The reasons why Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha, Nebraska decided on ShowerShapes® Privacy Partition Systems in the press box were: durability, repair-ability and long-term performance.”

-Nancy EvansOnthank Company

“These partitions are state-of-the-art. The skeleton of metal that supports the system carries the load – making them strong, durable and long lasting.”

-Tim Wright
Parksite Florida

“I’m very impressed with ShowerShapes® Privacy Partition Systems. We installed them at Beale Air Force Base and in a San Francisco fire station. You’ve done a good job of engineering the system.”

-Howard Burger, General Manager
Surface Technologies

“Appearance and durability, along with an extensive life-cycle cost analysis are the reasons why the Salt Lake City Airport chose these bathroom partitions. This is a terrific product! They don’t have to be replaced!”

-Tom Williams, Rex Williams Company

” The design and engineering, along with the fact that they’re easy to clean make ShowerShapes® Privacy Partition Systems a great seller. Users appreciate the quality, maintenance crews comment on how structurally sound the systems are and facility managers believe in the products’ cost effectiveness. Being ADA accessible is a great selling point of the company’s Shower Floors. They, too, are an excellent product.” 

Colt Industries
St. Louis, Missouri

“Cost is not an issue, once everyone realizes how durable the ShowerShapes® products are and that they don’t have to be replaced for a long time ••• And, shipping is a breeze. The shipping crates are built around the product.”

-H.J. Okknkamp Co., Michigan