Privacy Partition System FAQs

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Q: Does ShowerShapes® offer an installed warranty similar to DuPont CORIAN®?

A: An installed warranty is at the discretion of the installing contractor, not the manufacturer. The installing contractor warrants their workmanship and ShowerShapes®warrants the System. ShowerShapes® does not certify anyone to install the System (unlike DuPont who certifies companies to fabricate and install CORIAN®) .

Q: Why does ShowerShapes®Privacy Partition System use only 1/2

A: The use of 1/2″ is adequate for the structural integrity of the System. Utilizing 3/4″ thick material (only five colors available) does not improve the strength or performance of the System. The use of 1/2″ DuPont CORIAN® allows for the entire line of colors to be utilized providing greater design flexibility in the system.

Q: What colors of CORIAN® are available for use in the ShowerShapes®Privacy Partition System?

A The entire line of CORIAN® colors are available. We recommend that you request a 12″ x 12″ sample to view the backside appearance before your final color selection.

Q: Can the doors be held in a defined open or closed position?

A: The door is normally held in the closed position. ShowerShapes® can produce, upon request, for an additional charge, an angled brass bushing to allow the door to stand in an open, unoccupied position.

Q: Can the door be removed by a patron and cause themselves injury?

A: The bottom hinge has a locking pin to prevent the removal of the door.

Q: Why doesn't the ShowerShapes® Privacy Partition System require overhead bracing?

A: The structural design and mounting of the system does not require overhead bracing. The full-length steel wall and pilaster channel and steel mounting foot provide the necessary structural integrity desired in the system. It eliminates the need to maintain and clean an overhead channel. Also, the unsightly appearance of overhead bracing would detract from the sleek, elegant design of the ShowerShapes® System.

Q: What suggestions can be offered regarding the strengthening of the Partition System?

A: Floor-to-ceiling pilasters provide all the additional support needed to meet the most demanding installations.

Q: What solutions are available for overhead anti-grip installations?

A: An optional anti-climb or anti-grab feature can be provided on top of each panel and door at an additional cost.

Q: How are mounting accessories installed in a ShowerShapes® Partition System?

A: The preference for mounting accessories would be a back-to-back installation method. If this method is not possible, then through-bolt the accessories using tamperproof-head sex-bolts. Never install a screw directly into the CORIAN®. Always use a through-bolt or brass inserts.

Q: What is the installation time of a ShowerShapes® Partition System?

It will take two men approximately one and a half hours per stall to install. Additional time may be required for drilling holes for the anchor bolts depending on the floor construction.

Q: Who installs the Partition System?

A solid surface installer is NOT required for installation of the system. Division 10 partition installation companies are the most common installers, however, general contractor personnel or maintenance crews are capabale of installing.

Q: What types of anchors or wall fasteners are recommended for the installation of the Partition System?

A: ShowerShapes® does not make any recommendations about the type of anchors. That recommendation comes best from a structural engineer or manufacturer of fastening components_ However, please refer to the Installation section of the catalog for our policy on anchors and fasteners.

Q: Do ceiling mount systems require any special support or blocking?

A: Additional support is not required, however, special consideration must be made regarding the type of beam material and design_ Only heavy gauge steel is
recommended and it must be of an “I”, “H” or “U” design.

Q: Is blocking required behind the wall surfaces?

A: Blocking is not required but highly recommended to provide additional strength for the wall construction.

Q: How are the trim pieces (that hide the mounting hardware), applied to the panels?

A: The trim pieces are glued in place using silicone and a dab of hot melt glue.

Q: How are handicap grab bars mounted to the panels

A: ShowerShapes®supplies a CORIAN® mounting plate that accepts the steel mounting plate for the grab bar. The CORIAN® mounting plate is then applied with silicone and hot melt glue to the panel {See the mounting instructions information in the catalog.). Installing the grab bar with a through-bolt mounting method could cause stress to the panel.