Features – Countertops

Side Views of Self-Draining countertops using straightedgeShowerShapes® Self-Draining Countertops made from DuPont Corian® and other high quality solid surfaces resolve design criteria, major maintenance and liability problems.  Additionally, these countertops also keep your bathroom visitors packages and possessions dry while setting them on the countertop.

Finally! A countertop that is functional and will not hold water.  ShowerShapes® makes this possible with an innovated built-in drainage slope with a one-piece coved backsplash and a no-drip edge.

Easy to Install and Maintain

The Self-Draining Countertops are also easy to install and easy to maintain.  The counterop comes in an easy to handle single piece and can be mounted using our wall mounted bracket and skirt system that makes installation faster and easier than most countertops.

 A Clean, New Look

Installed example closeups of Self-draining countertopsNow, a countertop that is functional and WILL NOT hold liquids!  This is made possible by a built-in drainage slope, one piece coved backsplash and no-edge drip edge.  Splashed liquid drains into the sink where it belongs, eliminating standing water on the counter and the floor.  All this from a counter that looks beautiful and is color coordinated to the overall design scheme.

Long-Lasting Properties of Corian® and other Solid Surface Materials

ShowerShapes® Self Draining Countertops are made from DuPont Corian® or other high grade solid-surface materials.  These surfaces are advanced composite materials created by forging natural minerals and pigments into a pure acrylic polymer.  Over the last few decades, these solid surfaces have proven superior to countless other surfacing materials in commercial applications around the world.

More Benefits

  • Water drains into the sink
  • Easier to clean
  • Resists stains because liquids cannot penetrate
  • Is stronger and impact resistant
  • Is completely renewable
  • Keeps its good looks longer
  • Is non-porous and resists mildew and resists microbial and viral growth
  • No-drip edge keeps the floor safer by reducing or eliminating spills
  • Vandalism damage is easily repaired
  • Meets Class 1 Fire Rating
  • ADA compliant
  • Wide range of colors and textures for greater design flexibility