Specifications – Countertops

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      1. Work described in this section:Self-Draining Sinks Specifications_Page_6

        1. 1. Custom manufactured self-draining countertops to job site specifications built from
          DuPont Corian.
        2. Related work specified elsewhere:
          1. Tile work.
          2. Wall coverings.
          3. Plumbing.

        1. Applicable Standards: Standards of the following, as referenced herein:
          1. American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
          2. American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
          3. National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)
          4. Federal Specifications (FS)
        2. SUBMITTALS
          1. Shop drawings: Indicate dimensions, component sizes, fabrication details, attachment provisions and coordination requirements with adjacent work.
          2. Samples: Submit minimum 2″ x 2″ (50 mm x 50 mm) samples. Indicate full range of color and pattern variation. Approved samples will be retained as standards for work.
          3. Product data: Indicate product description, fabrication information and compliance with specified performance requirements.
          4. Maintenance data: Submit manufacturer’s care and maintenance data, including repair and cleaning instructions. Include in project close-out documents.
          1. Allowable tolerances:
            1. Variation in component size+ 1/8″ (3 mm).
            2. Location of accessory openings+ 1/8″ (3mm) from indicated location.
          1. Package materials to prevent damage to components during shipment.
          2. Deliver no components to project site until areas are ready for installation. Store components indoors prior to installation. Handle to prevent damage to finished surfaces.
        5. WARRANTY
          1. Provide manufacturer’s 3 year warranty against defects in fabricated products. Warranty shall provide replacement product only. Labor to replace defective products is not included. Damage caused by physical or chemical abuse will not be warranted.


        1. Specified product: CORIAN~ Self-Draining Countertop from ShowerShapes®.
        2. Material: Homogeneous filled acrylic; not coated, laminated or of composite construction; meeting ANSI Zl24.3 & .6, Type Six, and Fed. Spec. WW-P-541E/GEN.
          1. 1. Material shall have minimum physical and performance properties specified in the following Section D.
          2. Superficial damage to a depth of 0.010″ (,25 mm) shall be repairable by sanding.
          3. Self-draining countertop components of 1/2″ (13 mm) thick CORIAN®, color. ShowerShapes self-draining countertops have a built-in drainage slope, coved back splash, no-drip edge and accept, _ (single or multiple) model #810 DuPont Corian bowls for installation on, (cabinets or ShowerShapes structural steel frames).
          4. Location of sink(s) to be specified by Architect.
          5. Performance requirements: (SEE PAGE 4 )

        1. Joint Adhesive: Manufacturer’s standard two-part adhesive kit to create inconspicuous, non porous joints, with a chemical bond. (ref: Technical Bulletin: CTDC 102)
        2. Wall hung unit includes ShowerShapes structural steel bracket ready for installation.

      1. Pre-fabricated components to be purchased from a CORIAN® Distributor.
      2. Components shall be fabricated by ShowerShapes ~ to greatest extent practical to sizes and shapes indicated, in accordance with approved shop drawings and DuPont requirements. (ref: Technical Bulletin: CTDC-117)
      3. Joints between components shall be formed using manufacturer’s standard joint adhesive. Joints shall be inconspicuous in appearance and without voids.
      4. Component edges shall have a smooth, uniform finish. Defective or inaccurate work shall be repaired or replaced.
      5. Finish: All surfaces shall have a uniform matte finish
      1. EXECUTION


          1. After accepting components, installer assumes responsibility for damage occurring during installation. Installer shall install components plumb and level, in accordance with approved shop drawings and product installation instructions.
          2. Components shall be clean and defect free on Date of Substantial Completion.
          3. Components damaged after Completion/ Acceptance can be repaired or replaced if repair cannot be made to architect’s satisfaction. Repair cost will be borne by the Party causing the damage. Architect to approve cost estimate before repairs or replacements are made.
          4. A Care and Maintenance video and product warranty information can be provided by ShowerShapes® to the Project manager for review with the head of maintenance upon completion of project.