FAQs – Shower floors

Q: What is the slip resistance by comparison to other types of pans?

A: The ShowerShapes®Shower Floor is equal to or less slip resistant than any other type of pan. ShowerShapes® Shower Floors are approved to meet the requirements established by the NAHB(National Association of Home Builders). CORIAN®is extremely slip resistant because of its non-porous characteristics.

Q: Does the shower floor need to have a special textured finish to be slip resistant?

A: The shower floor is slightly textured and does not need to have any special or additional texturing to resist slippage. If the customer wants an added assurance against slipping, ShowerShapes®will, for an additional cost, sandblast a greater textured finish.

Q: How are the shower floors protected against damage during shipment?

A: They are packaged in a wood crate/box with internal packing foam and blocking. Multiple shower floors( depending on size) are crated and shipped in a nesting style within a single crate. Extremely large or oversized floors are crated and shipped with additional care.

Q: Why doesn't the shower floor have a 10-year warranty like DuPont CORIAN®?

A: The shower floor consists of other components besides CORIAN®. DuPont does not offer original equipment manufacturers any kind of warranty on manufactured products utilizing CORIAN®. The shower floor is manufactured and warranted by ShowerShapes®not by DuPont. ShowerShapes®warranty is for a period of three years on the entire shower floor not just the CORIAN® product.

Q: Does ShowerShapes® offer an installed warranty similar to DuPont CORIAN®?

A An installed warranty is at the discretion of the installing contractor not the manufacturer. The installing contractor warrants their workmanship and ShowerShapes®warrants the shower floor. ShowerShapes® does not certify anyone to install the shower floor( unlike DuPont who certifies companies to fabricate and install CORIAN®)

Q: How is a ShowerShapes® shower floor installed?

A: ShowerShapes”‘ provides complete installation instructions. The most important benefit of the shower floor installation method is the elimination of a thin-set concrete or sand to support the shower floor. Simply install the ShowerShapes® shower floor on a flat, level floor and secure it in place with the drain.

Q: Are the ShowerShapes® shower floors available in custom or standard sizes?

A: They are available in any size or configuration. The drain may also be located anywhere in the shower floor. Custom drain sizes are available upon request.

Q: What colors are available in the ShowerShapes® shower floors?

A: All of the colors in the DuPont CORIAN® color families.

Q: Can glass block walls be installed on top of the threshold/dam?

A: The shower floor threshold is not designed to sustain the weight of glass block. Another consideration is that mortar cannot maintain an adherence to CORIAN® and could break loose, thus causing a leak between the bottom of the glass block wall and the threshold. (See ShowerShapes®installation instructions and recommendations for glass block wall applications.)

Q: Why are the pan walls a different color from the bottom of the floor?

A: The pan walls are a different color because they are hidden behind the finished shower walls at the time of installation. The finished shower walls extend into the shower pan and to the bottom of the floor. See the installation section-through drawing. ShowerShapes® can, at the customers request, provide the same color side walls at an additional cost.

Q: What is the production lead time for a ShowerShapes® shower floor?

A: Upon receipt of an approved shop drawing, ShowerShapes® standard production time for an average size order is approximately ten working days. Additional time may be required depending on the order size (Always be sure to contact ShowerShapes®for a production schedule.). Allow seven working days for the freight carrier to transport and deliver the shower floor.

Q: Does the ShowerShapes®shower floor have to have a threshold/dam?

A: A threshold/dam is not required. This type of shower floor utilizes some other means of a threshold. A waiver must be signed in order to comply with the Universal Plumbing Code.

Q: Does ShowerShapes® manufacture an ADA compatible shower floor?

A: Yes. We have different designs and styles to accommodate both new construction and Remodel. All designs allow a ramped access for use with a wheelchair.

Q: What is the smallest shower floor ShowerShapes®will manufacture?

A: ShowerShapes®will manufacture any size, however, any shower floor smaller than an interior 30″ circumference requires a signed waiver noting that the shower floor does not meet the Universal Plumbing Codes for minimum size standards.